In the Umbertide area, or to be more precise, in the Valle del Niccone overlooking Tuscany, many placenames include the word “Ca”, denoting the residence of Venetian families. In past centuries, the area was apparently a favourite holiday destination for noble Venetian families wishing to spend long periods here.

This beautiful Umbrian valley enjoys a special microclimate, where fog is rarely seen, the hills are airy and the winters are dry and cold.

We fell in love with this place because of its mild climate and the nature of the land itself, its fertile plains alternating with steep hills. So we decided to buy a house and came from abroad to live here, convinced that it was a “man-sized” place to bring up our children.

Along with the house we bought a farm, which had a small vineyard.

We had always loved wine, and wanted to try making wine from the grapes of the old vineyard we had purchased with the farm, to see if it was promising enough to attempt something more ambitious.

The encouraging results led us into the wine sector as professionals, and with the help of an excellent vineyard manager and winemaker, we rebuilt the cellar and planted new vineyards.

Our first wines belonged to the 2000 vintage and were the exclusive fruit of the old vineyards, worked with a view to making great reds.


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This valley of Umbria, as fascinating as it is pristine, enjoys a very special microclimate, the mists are rare, the hills are breezy and in winter the cold is dry, the thermal excursions are remarkable.

Grapes: Malvasia nera, Malvasia bianca, Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet sauvignon, Montepulciano, Trebbiano Toscano, Grechetto, Sauvignon verde, Canagliolo, Syrah, Pinot nero, Colorino.

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