Category: IGT Umbria White Wine

Produced in: Umbertide

Yield: 7000 kg/hectare

Age of Vines: 8 years

Grapes : Malvasia White Wine; Sauvignon verde “Friulano”; Grechetto ​

Harvested: Malvasia white wine: Mid September; Sauvignon and Grechetto: Early September

Vinification: The grapes are macerated (left on the skins) for eight hours in a horizontal press. Afterwards the must is cleared by natural settling. The wine is fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel vats at low temperature 16-18°C.

First Year produced: 2008

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Bright pale yellow in colour, intensive bouquet and persistent. With remarkable quality to the aromas : Lime tree flowers, sage, green apple and white peach. In the mouth it is dry, warming with a good minerality and acidity. Very nice complex balance between fruits and minerals. Persisting aftertaste.

Conservation: keep away from lights in a cool and dry place, store at 15° C.

Serve at: 8-10 ° C

Accompaniments: vegetable soup, risotto, fish.

Umbrian dishes: chickpea soup.