There are 1000 olive trees growing alongside the estate’s vineyards, all of which are completely organic. Olive oil has been produced in Umbria   for thousands of years, and when   adopting this tradition for itself, the estate decided it wanted to establish a bond with native varieties of olive called leccino, frantoio, pendolino and moraiolo . The DOP oil it produces is designated as being part of the Colli del Trasimeno district.   The olives are picked by hand in November and cold-pressed by stone.   The oil that results is bright green and has an extraordinary fruity aroma that is fresh and clean and dominated by the scent of artichokes and celery.   There is just a hint of spicy bitterness that underlines its freshness.   It is perfect for drizzling over soups, salads and dishes in which pulses are the primary ingredient but full bodied enough to enhance the flavour of the char-grilled meats that are so typically Umbrian. The slight cloudiness of the oil and the presence of light sediment only serve to confirm its genuine origins.   To enjoy it at its best, it should be consumed within a year of being produced.








Category: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Produced in: Umbertide

Yield: 14-16%

Age of Olive Plants: 10-12 years

Variety: Frantoio Leccino Moraiolo ​

Extraction tecnique: Just few hours from the harvest the olives are pressed in a continuous cycle mill

First Year produced: 2005

Oil: Deep green color with fine fla vor of ar tichoke leaves. Flavor full of fragrant oil, pleasantly fruity with a slightl y spicy after taste.


Conservation: keep away from lights in a cool and dr y place, store at 15° C .

Accompanies: bruschette , soups, salads, fish and most sensitiv e shellfish

Umbrian dishes: spelt soup

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